Easy instructions on how to get cheap power

You may have heard the saying - "You can't get something for nothing". This is true except when you do it illegally. Then it's free.

Have you ever had a cold shower at night, or have a spa pool and doesn't heat up at night? If not, then too bad, you will have to bear with me. The reason you have cold spas and cold showers is because the power companies are scrooges with their money. They have to buy their power from the big companies, that make it around the country and at peak times - 5:30-10pm is when it costs them the most the buy it. As a consequence they send a signal down the lines to just about every residence in your area, which is recieved by a ripple control reciever, which in turn switches off your hot water and spa pool.

In my area it costs 11.55 cents per kilowatt hour (unit) to be on the A1 rate. This is the rate where the ripple turn off the stuff. If we were to get the power company to remove the ripple so we get hot ware and a spa all night and day then it would cost us 15 cents per unit. This might not seem much but a bill that previous bill that cost $100 would now cost about $130.

In order to stop the ripple turn off the appliances and hot water it is necessary to stop the signal getting to the reciever. The easiest thing to do is to switch off the power at the mains. But you must switch the power off at the white meter box. You must first unscrew the cover and turn off the black switch. Just turning off the switch at your fuse box won't do anything.

Now the next step is to find out when to do this. Ring up your local power company and ask them when they send the ripple relay through. When they tell you, all you have to do is go to the box and turn off the mains to your house one minute before it gets sent and leave it off one minute after just to make sure your clock isn't fast or slow.

Now you have scabbed some power for free, you aren't paying that 3.45 cents more per unit.

* If you have any trouble, email chrish@voyager.co.nz because I probably know what is wrong.

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