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CONTENTS OF CDUGD Volume 1, Number 3

1. Editor's Report.
2. Changes to CDUGD.
3. Response to 'Hacking in NZ'.
4. Whistleblowers BBS Extremely Successful.
5. Large Text File Collection.

1. Editor's Report - By Aaron Schiff

This third issue has come out much quicker than I thought it would. This is mainly due to a large article by Frenchman Jean-Bernard Condat. Also, would readers please read the article 'Changes to CDUGD' and comment on whether or not they think the changes are a good idea.

LAW SPECIAL: Issue #1.05 is to be a 'Law Special'. In this issue I wish to
focus on the New Zealand and Australian laws regarding computer crime (eg Hacking, Fraud etc..) For this I need:

The deadline for submissions to this special issue is March 25th although submissions I receive soon after this date will not be rejected.

NORWAY: People in Norway can download CDUGD from Digital Express BBS - the
phone number is at the top of this issue.

Enjoy the 3rd issue!

2. Changes to CDUGD - By Aaron Schiff

A few changes are to be made to CDUGD. None of them are major, but I hope that they will improve the overall success of CDUGD. The changes are:

1) Coverage: CDUGD will still be mostly New Zealand oriented, however, I
have decided that articles about non - New Zealand computing issues will be accepted. I hope that this will broaden the target audience of CDUGD as well as raise the number of contributions.

2) Australia: This is not yet a definite change, I am thinking of
including Australian articles as a normal part of the digest. The decision as to whether or not to do this has not yet been made. I would like readers to comment (in public or privately) on whether or not this should be done. If you are reading this in Australia, please contact me if you are able to help out with the Australian side of things in any way (eg distribution, writing articles etc...)

3) CDUGD News: This will be a regular column (similar to 'PHRACK World
News' and is just short descriptions of events happening in the computing world. I need someone to write this column on a regular basis. Any volunteers?

3. Response to 'Hacking in NZ' - By Mark Neely

This article is in response to the article 'Hacking in NZ' by The Death Pirate and published in CDUGD #1.02

>6 Hacking In NZ - By The Death Pirate
>Hacking is basically to break or force your way into a system illegally.
>Basically connecting to another modem without permission. But if this is
>so, then isn't connecting to a BBS system without permission illegal??

"Hacking" (see arguments re: cracking/hacking...sheesh, everyone bags people for confusing the two) essentially means unauthorised access to a computer. The more "deviant" the intention behind the intent, then (as a general rule - see the decision on appeal in the R T Morris appeal, which was as a result of the particular drafting of the legislation) the greater the penalty involved.

>This is one point which was heard in the recent trial of a 19 year old
>hacker in the USA, (refer to your PC World).

Robert Tappan Morris Jnr. (son of Robert Morris, NSA scientist). He was given a suspended sentence, good behaviour bond and a fair amount of community services.

>However, really what it should mean is to force, hack into a system
>without an account or permission.

Not necessarily... the way most legislation is drafted would catch an authorised user (i.e. with legitimate account + password) trying to execute an unauthorised process/command!

>The Author Deliberately left out details which he thought could have
>enabled any illegal action.

Which "he thought could have enabled any illegal action"...this is hardly conclusive!

As a side note, as NZ and Australia appear to be strengthening economic ties etc, it is likely that we may see the sharing of services (airlines today, maybe telecommunications tomorrow!).

Under recent amendments to the Commonwealth Crimes Act (Pt IVA), persons who gain unauthorised access to Cth. computers (or computers which the Cth government have an interest [defined in the legislation]) can be prosecuted under the Act.

Of particular note is the section which would appear to provide that persons who use a service provided by a Cth authority or body (which one would assume would include Telecom??) is also liable for prosecution!!

Thus, practically anyone who uses a modem to "hack" into a computer could find themselves liable to prosecution under the Cth Act!

Should there be sufficient interest, I could look into this matter further.

Mark N.

          ------------- Verbose Disclaimer Follows -------------
Mark Neely
Articled Clerk (Slave)              |         Tutor
Messrs Cridlands,                   |         Law School
Barristers and Solicitors.          |         Northern Territory
Darwin, NT Australia


The views expressed herein are neither a reflection of the views held by my employer nor those of the NTU. They are not to be taken (unless otherwise indicated) as a formal legal opinion or advice given in my professional capacity.

Whistleblowers BBS Extremely Successful - By Jean-Bernard Condat

Whistle-blowers may now anonymously report government fraud, waste, and abuse via computer to the House Government Operations sub-committee on Government Information, Justice, and Agriculture. The number for the computer system, which will accept files and messages, is (202) 225-5527. Aliases are permitted.

The Truelson' PhD published in 1986, draws upon the theorical framework of systemic corruption--an organized conspiracy to suppress revelation of corrupt practices--to propose a retaliation model to account for organiza- tional retaliation against whistleblowers with legitimate protests. This study is one basis of this incredible bulletin board.

House Government Information Subcommittee's whistleblower computer BBS has been "tremendously successful" and has generated about "50 substantive leads" in its two months of operation, Subcommittee Chief Counsel Robert Gellman said. Board has received 700-800 calls, many from curious browsers who want to see what's available and others who want to discuss policy matters.

But Gellman said board was designed solely to allow whistle-blowers to post private notes to alert Subcommittee to instances of waste, fraud and abuse, so there isn't much for anyone else to see. There are no files available to download or bulletin to read, as there are on most bulletin boards. Gellman said message senders often don't use their real names, and Subcommittee staff has used electronic mail feature to send message back asking for more information.


1. Food Chemical News, December 16, 1991, ISSN 0015-6337;

2. Judith Anne Truelson, "Blowing the Whistle on systemic Corruption,"

University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA), 1986;

3. Communications Daily, February 13, 1992, ISSN 0277-0679.


Welcome to


This bulletin board exists to help the United States Congress identify waste, fraud, and abuse in the federal government. You are invited to leave messages or upload files that relate to this purpose. There are no public files or public messages on this board.

Your SYSOP is Congressman Bob Wise from West Virginia.

The CONTENTS of all communications are confidential and not accessible to other users. However, the name you use to sign on may be visible to other users. If this is a concern, please use a pseudonym to protect your identity.

What is your FIRST name (pseudonyms okay)? CONDAT JEAN-BERNARD

Checking Users...
User not found
What is your STATE (any entry acceptable)? LYON IN FRANCE Welcome to the FEDERAL WHISTLEBLOWER BULLETIN BOARD.

This Board is operated by an investigative subcommittee in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Your SYSOP is Congressman Bob Wise from West Virginia.


1. There are NO public files and NO public messages on this board. If you are looking for downloads, games, etc., you won't find them here.

2. If you have a concern about protecting your identity, please use a pseudonym. Because of software limitations, the name you use to sign on with may become known to others. You may leave your real name in the contents of a message, but this is not required. THE CONTENTS OF MESSAGES CAN ONLY BE READ BY THE SYSOP. Messages cannot be read by any other user. Use the Comment command to leave messages to the Sysop.

C)hange FIRST name (pseudonyms okay)/LAST name (pseudonyms okay)/STATE (any
ry acceptable), D)isconnect, [R]egister? R
Enter PASSWORD you'll use to logon again (dots echo)? .... Re-Enter password for Verification (dots echo)? ....
Please REMEMBER your password
Welcome to RBBS-PC, Condat. You have 60 mins for this session. Logging CONDAT JEAN-BERNARD
RBBS-PC 17.3C Node 1, operating at 1200 BAUD,N,8,1

      |     Welcome to the FEDERAL WHISTLEBLOWER BBS     |
               Your SYSOP is Congressman Bob Wise
BBS Phone: (202) 225-5527


1) Remember your password. If you forget it, you can't read your mail and we can't contact you.

2) Use mixed case in messages. ALL UPPER CASE IS HARD TO READ.

3) If you upload a file, please leave a message so we know who provided it. If you don't, the upload will not be acknowledged. This is NOT a requirement. Anonymous uploads are acceptable.

4) Callers may be deleted after 30 days. If this happens to you, just register again. It only takes a second.

Checking messages in MAIN..
Sorry, CONDAT, No NEW mail for you

RBBS-PC 17.3C Node 1

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Current time: 09:38 AM Minutes remaining: 58 Security: 5

MAIN: 58 min left
MAIN command <?,B,C,F,G,H,I,K,Q,R,U,X>? B

Ctrl-K(^K) / ^X aborts. ^S suspends ^Q resumes 
 ======[ WHISTLEBLOWER BBS Bulletin Menu ]=======
 Bulletin  Description
 -------   -------------------------------------
   1       Description and Purpose of this Board
   2       Upload and Download Policies (NO DOWNLOADS!)
   3       Operating Policies
   4       How to Blow the Whistle
Read what bulletin(s), L)ist, S)ince, N)ews ([ENTER] = none)? 3 Ctrl-K(^K) / ^X aborts. ^S suspends ^Q resumes

1. The highest priority on this bulletin board is protecting the confidentiality of callers. A caller concerned about confidentiality should use a pseudonym.

2. There is no Caller-ID service on the bulletin board's incoming line. Incoming calls are not traced. Each caller must consider the possibility that a call to this board is being recorded or traced at the source of the call.

3. The Whistleblower BBS is operated by an investigative subcommittee in the United States House of Representatives. The purpose of the board is to assist the Congress in identifying waste, fraud, and abuse in federal agencies, programs, contracts, and grants. No action will be taken on any information that does not further this purpose.

4. A higher priority will be assigned to matters that involve large amounts of federal funds or that affect health or safety. Other matters may be pursued to the extent permitted by available resources.

5. We cannot provide any type of general assistance to callers. The board should not be used for any political purpose or to lobby Congress on legislative or policy matters.

6. Messages that relate to the purpose of the board will be acknowledged. A caller who provides an investigative lead is encouraged to call back in the event more information is required. Messages that do not relate to the purpose of the board may not be acknowledged. Most messages will be erased after they are read.

7. General information about investigations that result from activities on the Whistleblower BBS may be made public, although no information specifically identifying an individual caller will be released. Publicity for the board will help to accomplish its purpose. However, a caller will not necessarily be informed about the details of any investigation that results from his or her message.

8. Information obtained on the Whistleblower BBS may be shared with other congressional investigators, agency Inspectors General, and the General Accounting Office (the audit arm of Congress). INFORMATION THAT SPECIFICALLY IDENTIFIES CALLERS WILL NOT BE SHARED. Callers should identify any special confidentiality concerns or expressly state if they need to place any specific restrictions on the use of the information that they provide. Information will not be shared if a caller specifically requests.

9. Casual visitors to the board may be deleted from the user base at any time. If you call a second time and find that you are not recognized, just re-register. It only takes a few seconds. Users not engaged in current discussions may also be deleted as a security precaution.

10. Text files may be uploaded, preferably in ASCII format. Word Perfect format is a second choice. Files may be compressed using standard compression programs. Files other than text files will be immediately deleted.

11. If you attempt to use a common pseudonym (e.g., John Doe), you may find that it is already in use. When you first enter a name not in use, you will receive a message about the board. If you enter a name that is known to the board, you will be asked for a password. If this happens, you must hang up, call again, and use a different name. Anyone reading this has already solved the problem. This paragraph is included as an explanation.

Ctrl-K(^K) / ^X aborts. ^S suspends ^Q resumes 
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   1       Description and Purpose of this Board
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   3       Operating Policies
   4       How to Blow the Whistle

Read what bulletin(s), L)ist, S)ince, N)ews ([ENTER] = none)? 4

Ctrl-K(^K) / ^X aborts. ^S suspends ^Q resumes


How to Blow the Whistle on Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

1. You do NOT have to give your name or identify yourself in any way. But you should call again after you have left a message. Use the same name you used the first time and see if there is an answer for you. Use the READ MAIL TO ME command. This permits continuing communications so that we can ask you for more information or clarification. Allow a few days for your message to be read.

2. Remember that we are more interested in conduct involving SIGNIFICANT amounts of federal funds or MAJOR instances of wrongdoing. We have limited resources, and we are less likely to investigate minor matters. When in doubt, we encourage you to report the matter and let us decide.

3. Provide enough information so we can find and investigate the objectionable activity. Whenever possible, tell us WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, and HOW. Be as specific as possible.

4. WHO: Identify the agency, office, program, contract, or grant:

          Vague:         ABC Department
          Okay:          ABC Department, Z Bureau
          Good:          ABC Department, Z Bureau, Denver Office
          Better:        ABC Department, Z Bureau, Denver Office, Contract
                         Number 123-456 dated 2/1/89

5. WHAT: Describe the conduct:

          Vague:         Wasted Money
          Okay:          Bought unnecessary computers
          Good:          Bought 200 Personal Computers to use funds at the
                         end of the fiscal year
          Better:        John Smith authorized the purchase of 200
                         unneeded PCs under contract 123-456 on 9/30/91 to
                         avoid returning excess funds to the Treasury

6. WHERE: State where the activity occurred:

          Vague:         Unnecessary travel
          Okay:          Trips to Los Angeles
          Good:          Trips from Headquarters to Los Angeles
          Better:        John Smith authorized travel for himself from
                         Chicago to Los Angeles every Friday before the
                         UCLA football team played a game at home so he
                         could watch the game

7. WHEN: Provide all relevant dates:

          Vague:         Last year
          Okay:          1990
          Good:          Starting in May 1990
          Better:        Began on May 5, 1990, continued every other week
                         until December 14, 1991

8. WHY and HOW: Explain the conduct involved:

          Vague:         Broke the law
          Okay:          Did not follow procurement rules
          Good:          Failed to obtain sole-source contracting
          Better:        Procured 1000 buses from ABC Corp. under contract
                         number 123-456, on 5/1/90, under a sole source
                         contract that was not approved by the contracting
Ctrl-K(^K) / ^X aborts. ^S suspends ^Q resumes 
 ======[ WHISTLEBLOWER BBS Bulletin Menu ]=======
 Bulletin  Description
 -------   -------------------------------------
   1       Description and Purpose of this Board
   2       Upload and Download Policies (NO DOWNLOADS!)
   3       Operating Policies
   4       How to Blow the Whistle
Read what bulletin(s), L)ist, S)ince, N)ews ([ENTER] = none)?
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MAIN: 55 min left
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Type comment 60 lines max (Press [ENTER] to quit)

 1: Hallo!
 2: I am a French journalist and will be very please to receive a press
3: information on this curious BBS.
4: My e-mail address is MCI Mail #501-3469 or DialMail #24064 5: Don't hesitate to contact me.
6: Jean-Bernard Condat
7: CCCF, B.P. 8005, 69351 Lyon Cedex 08, France (Fax.: +33 1 47877070) 8:

A)bort, C)ontinue adding, D)elete lines, E)dit a line
I)nsert lines, L)ist, M)argin change, R)evise subj, S)ave msg, ?)help Edit Sub-function <A,C,D,E,I,L,M,R,S,?>? s
Adding new msg # 539.
Receiver will be notified of new mail

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Current time: 09:43 AM Minutes remaining: 53 Security: 5

MAIN: 53 min left
MAIN command <?,B,C,F,G,H,I,K,Q,R,U,X>? g Log off (Y,[N])? y

Now: 03-06-1992 at 09:43:54
On for 7 mins, 5 secs 60 min left for next call today

CONDAT, Thanks and please call again!

5. Large Text File Collection - By Aaron Schiff

I have gained access to a large collection of 'underground' text files. These files are available on request from me. Please send mail to the address at the top of this issue stating which file(s) you want and the address (e-mail) to which they are to be sent.

Please note that these files are at an overseas site, and therefore cost me money to access. For this reason, there is a charge for each of these text files. There is a flat rate of 10c per kilobyte (eg a 20k file would cost $2). When you request a file I will tell you the address to send the money. CDUGD is only making a slight profit on these charges - and any money made will go towards covering the costs of publication (eg Usenet e- mail charges).


FREECALL.TXT N  10909  08-01-91  Free Engineer's Test Calls in U.K.
NOROL.TXT    N   4537  08-01-91  Datasvindel mot Norol's datasystem
VAXBEGIN.TXT N  14589  08-01-91  Beginners guide to hacking VAX's VMS
SDIAL_10.LZH N  10927  08-01-91  Superdial V1.0 best wardialer prog
CUD324.TXT   N  42910  08-01-91  Computer Underground Digest #3.24
A-BOMB.TXT   N  42893  08-01-91  How to build your own atomic bomb
CYBERTEK.TXT N   5486  08-01-91  Cyberpunk Tech. Journal press info
CYBERSPC.TXT N   4444  08-01-91  Cyberspace Manifesto by S.Savitzky
CUD316.TXT   N  41450  08-01-91  Computer Underground Digest #3.16
ELEKTR_1.TXT N  86025  08-01-91  Elektrix #1 british HPA-magazine 3-
91SS.TXT   N  14823  08-01-91  Subslime Slime newsletter #13.2
SMART.TXT    N  26796  08-01-91  New drugs that make you smart!
SCAN1.LZH    N  26151  08-01-91  0130-Scan V1.0 tollfree # scanner
TNET-LAD.TXT N  40942  08-01-91  Tymnet Local Access Directory
                                 - all dial up numbers
TYMNET.TXT   N   2859  08-01-91  List of US-Tymnet dialup ports
NUA-WORL.LZH N   5960  08-02-91  An italian world list of NUA's
HACKWWIV.TXT N   6695  08-02-91  How to hack into WWIV-BBSs .
CODEHACK.EXE N  53944  08-08-91  Code Hacker V5.0 by The Wiz
CUD327.TXT   N  43802  08-08-91  Computer Underground Digest #3.27
CUD328.TXT   N  50781  08-08-91  Computer Underground Digest #3.28
CUD325.TXT   N  38422  08-09-91  Computer Underground Digest #3.25
CUD326.TXT   N  40360  08-09-91  Computer Underground Digest #3.26
VMBHACK.TXT  N   3920  08-10-91  Beginners VMB Hacking by The Knight
ATI_01.TXT   N   8010  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #01
ATI_02.TXT   N  10706  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #02
ATI_03.TXT   N  10864  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #03
ATI_04.TXT   N  15765  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #04
ATI_05.TXT   N  13528  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #05
ATI_06.TXT   N   8840  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #06
ATI_07.TXT   N  13544  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #07
ATI_08.TXT   N  14904  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #08
ATI_10.TXT   N  15573  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #10
ATI_11.TXT   N   7517  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #11
ATI_12.TXT   N  11967  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #12
ATI_13.TXT   N  14518  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #13
ATI_14.TXT   N  11257  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #14
ATI_15.TXT   N  11276  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #15
ATI_16.TXT   N  10760  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #16
ATI_17.TXT   N  11217  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #17
ATI_18.TXT   N  10857  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #18
ATI_19.TXT   N  11097  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #19
ATI_20.TXT   N  11313  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #20
ATI_21.TXT   N  10260  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #21
ATI_22.TXT   N  10416  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #22
ATI_23.TXT   N   9281  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #23
ATI_24.TXT   N  10097  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #24
ATI_25.TXT   N  10958  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #25
ATI_26.TXT   N   3810  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #26
ATI_27.TXT   N  10522  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #27
ATI_28.TXT   N   5020  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #28
ATI_29.TXT   N   9970  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #29
ATI_30.TXT   N  12063  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #30
ATI_31.TXT   N  12356  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #31
ATI_32.TXT   N  19011  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #32
ATI_33.TXT   N  17741  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #33
ATI_34.TXT   N  20272  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #34
ATI_35.TXT   N  26614  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #35
ATI_36.TXT   N  30897  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #36
ATI_37.TXT   N  23419  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #37
ATI_38.TXT   N  22981  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #38
ATI_39.TXT   N  18792  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #39
ATI_40.TXT   N   9157  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #40
ATI_41.TXT   N  22002  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #41
ATI_42.TXT   N  10058  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #42
ATI_43.TXT   N  20536  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #43
ATI_44.TXT   N  21786  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #44
ATI_45.TXT   N  21666  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #45
ATI_46.TXT   N   8604  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #46
ATI_47.TXT   N  24797  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #47
ATI_48.TXT   N  24106  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #48
ATI_49.TXT   N  21181  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #49
ATI_50.TXT   N  22141  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #50
ATI_51.TXT   N  19319  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #51
ATI_52.TXT   N  20485  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #52
ATI_53.TXT   N  31212  08-11-91  Activist Times Inc. Issue #53
TERROR.LZH   N  66766  08-11-91  Terrorists Handbook
ANAR2.HHF    N   9091  08-14-91  Anarchy Activation Issue #2 (Aug-91)
ANAR1.HHF    N  14015  08-14-91  Anarchy Activation Issue #1 (Jul-91)
CUD329.TXT   N  35128  08-16-91  Computer Underground Digest #3.29
CUD219.TXT   N  41422  08-18-91  Computer Underground Digest #2.19
CUD320.TXT   N  45665  08-18-91  Computer Underground Digest #3.20
CUD321.TXT   N  36859  08-18-91  Computer Underground Digest #3.21
CUD322.TXT   N  44607  08-18-91  Computer Underground Digest #3.24
CUD323.TXT   N  42732  08-18-91  Computer Underground Digest #3.23
NFX#001.TXT  N  16392  08-31-91  New Fone Express Issue #001 (Jun-91)
NFX#002.TXT  N  42226  08-31-91  New Fone Express Issue #002 (Jul-91)
CUD330.TXT   N  42195  08-31-91  Comp. Undergr. Digest #3.30 (Aug-91)
CUD331.TXT   N  44013  08-31-91  Comp. Undergr. Digest #3.31 (Aug-91)
PHONEMAN.LZH N  21671  09-02-91  Phone Man U.S. Scanner
TOLLFREE.TXT N  10854  09-02-91  1-800 Bulletin Board umbers
30BOXES.LZH  N  46891  09-04-91  30 DIFFERENT BOX PROJECTS
WP.CAP       N  12052  09-06-91  Capture from Washington Post by Fred
DIGIDIAL     N   2360  09-11-91  An enhanced version of digidial with
                                 longer delays between 2618!2419 pulse
                                 and 2618 puls
TONETEST     N    736  09-12-91  Tester Norske BB-forhold
CUD332.LZH   N  19975  09-12-91  Computer Underground Digest #3.32
TONETEST.EXE N    776  09-13-91  Tester norske BB-Forhold
PHUN1.LZH    N  42702  09-15-91  Issue #1 of P/HUN From 1988.
PHUN3.LZH    N  99803  09-15-91  Issue #3 of P/HUN From 1989
PHRACK24.LZH N  84067  09-15-91  Issue #24 of Phrack. Old...
OLIVEBOX.TXT N   4250  09-16-91  Olive Box Plans for a phone ringer
SNOWBOX.TXT  N   6025  09-16-91  Snow Box Plans make pirate TV sender
TAP1.LZH     N  67406  09-17-91  Tap Online Newsletter #1 - Dec. 1990
CUD333.LZH   N  17850  09-17-91  Computer Underground Digest Issue
PHRACK31.LZH N  69257  09-17-91  Phrack Issue #31. Release 28/05/90
PPP1.TXT     N   9758  09-20-91  Phuckin Phield Phreakers Newsletter
PPP2.TXT     N  21580  09-20-91  Phickin Phield Phreakers Newsletter
ATI54.TXT    N  13020  09-20-91  Activist Times Incorporated, Issue
ALCOR.LZH    N  30187  09-20-91  Text from the ALCOR lawsuit.
PIRATE5.LZH  N  47959  09-20-91  Pirate Newsletter Issue #5
HACKUL2.LZH  N  31167  09-20-91  Hackers Unlimited Issue #2
NIA71.LZH    N 106006  09-20-91  Network Information Access Newsletter
VAX.TXT      N 150591  09-21-91  The complete VAX hacking tutorial
VAXHACKS.TXT N   5378  09-21-91  Another file on hacking VAX/VMS
PHUN4.LZH    N  83387  09-23-91  P/HUN Issue #4
PHUN5.LZH    N  51918  09-23-91  P/HUN Issue #5
ANE1.TXT     N  22541  09-24-91  Anarchy'N'Explosives Issue #1
ANE2.TXT     N   4576  09-24-91  Anarchy'N'Explosives Issue #2
ANE3.TXT     N   5765  09-24-91  Anarchy'N'Explosives Issue #3
ANE4.TXT     N   5272  09-24-91  Anarchy'N'Explosives Issue #4
ANE5.TXT     N   6867  09-24-91  Anarchy'N'Explosives Issue #5
ANE6.TXT     N  10015  09-24-91  Anarchy'N'Explosives Issue #6
ANE7.TXT     N 116939  09-24-91  Anarchy'N'Explosives Issue #7
ATI55.TXT    N  11829  09-24-91  Activist Times, Inc. Issue #55
BBPLANS      N  12744  09-24-91  BB Construction & Troubleshooting
ANISPECS.DOC N  11264  09-24-91  MCI Document of ANI specifications
BLBEXPL      N   9353  09-24-91  Blue Boxing - why it works...
BLUEINFO     N   9629  09-24-91  Tabas' Theory of operating BB
BOLLOX1      N  11488  09-24-91  Total Bollox Issue #1 Part #1
BOXBUST      N   7320  09-24-91  Pacific Bell Blue Box Investigations
BOXFREQ      N   1912  09-24-91  Assorted Bluebox Frequeicies
0800FREE     N    771  09-24-91  Some british 0800 tollfree numbers
AIO5.LZH     N  42749  09-24-91  AIO V5.0 for PC Access Code Finder
ALTOS        N   4226  09-24-91  Hacking Altos Worknet by The Loro'88
AMIDIAL.LZH  N    842  09-24-91  Amidial wardialer incl. source code
ARPAHACK     N  10673  09-24-91  Defence Data Network Blues - Arpanet
ARPANET      N   6817  09-24-91  Hacking Arpanet Part 1 by The Source
BANKSYS      N      0  09-24-91  nothing zero bytes - delete_me_ASAP!!
BANKSYS2     N   5858  09-24-91  Hacking BOA's Home Banking System 2
BCS          N   2590  09-24-91  Times article to outwit Hackers
BHAMUNI      N  16740  09-24-91  Birmingham Uni. conn to other Ntwk's
BIG_LIST.ZIP N  93325  09-24-91  <not tested>
BILL         N   8312  09-24-91  Anti Hacking - Emma Nicholson
BILL2        N   5259  09-24-91  Anti Hacking II - Emma Nicholson
BILL3        N   4728  09-24-91  Anti Hacking III - Emma Nicholson
BIOC1        N  16137  09-24-91  The BIOC Files, part 1
BIOC2        N  18352  09-24-91  The BIOC Files, part 2
BIOC3        N   8509  09-24-91  The BIOC Files, part 3
BIOC4        N  15758  09-24-91  The BIOC Files, part 4
BIOC5        N  19121  09-24-91  The BIOC Files, part 5
BIOC6        N  14280  09-24-91  The BIOC Files, part 6
BIOC7        N   9216  09-24-91  The BIOC Files, part 7
BLUEDIAL.LZH N  17935  09-24-91  <not tested>
BUSTER.LZH   N   1622  09-24-91  Code Hacker/Scanner in pure BASIC
BUTLER.LZH   N  30271  09-24-91  Butler V1.03 for PC <not tested>
CARDHACK     N   1722  09-24-91  How to alter telephone calling cards
CARRYON      N   1352  09-24-91  Carry On Hacking article New Sci.
CCITT        N   3977  09-24-91  The X-series data network types
CHAOS        N   1898  09-24-91  Times article on hackers from Bonn
CHASE        N   3989  09-24-91  WSJ Article on hacking Chase Records
CHATSYS      N    640  09-24-91  Some miscellaneous Chat Systems
COMLOCK      N   1352  09-24-91  Com Lock hacking protection...
COMPUNET.NUM N 106043  09-24-91  Compunet Numbers complete list
CRIME        N   6133  09-24-91  Article about Credit Card Fraud
DATABASE.TXT N    319  09-24-91  A few database default backdoors
DEBATE       N   2219  09-24-91  Some jerk defending teenage hackers
DIALPLUS     N   4726  09-24-91  Some capture from PSS Dialplus UK
ECOHACK      N   2986  09-24-91  Hacking Econet Systems Level 3+
GRADES       N   1923  09-24-91  Alternation of College Grades haha
HACKAID      N   5294  09-24-91  WP article about the next Band-Aid
HACKTUTR     N   3820  09-24-91  A hack tutur for precocious children
HACKWIN      N   3786  09-24-91  Times article on Hacker Test Case
HISTORY      N  10390  09-24-91  The HISTORY of HACKING
HUNTER.LZH   N   3112  09-24-91  <not tested>
MEHLBOX.PBF  N  16481  09-24-91  VAX Hacking - some 'C' source code
NUASCAN.LZH  N  68651  09-24-91  NUA Scanner for PC <not tested>
NUIFIND.LZH  N   4688  09-24-91  NUI Finder for C <not tested>
NUIFIND2.LZH N   4794  09-24-91  NUI Finder II for PC <not tested>
PABXSCAN.LZH N   2191  09-24-91  PABX Scanner for PC <not tested>
PFPT111.LZH  N  25665  09-24-91  Some util for PC <not tested>
PORTFIND.LZH N    976  09-24-91  Port Search Program in pure BASIC
SCANNER.BAS  N   6528  09-24-91  Scanner in pure b-a-s-i-c
SCANNER.LZH  N   2873  09-24-91  maybe the same as above
SEEKER.LZH   N  40957  09-24-91  Seeker for PC <not tested>
THIEF22.LZH  N  49068  09-24-91  Code Thief V2.2 for PC
WARDIAL.LZH  N   3072  09-24-91  Wardialer of some kind
ALARMSEC.PBF N   5356  09-24-91  The Basics About Alarm Security
ANTIFREE.PBF N   2869  09-24-91  Make explosives from Anti Freeze
APLUS.TXT    N  20654  09-24-91  Article from A-Plus magazine Apr'87
APPVIRUS.TXT N   1704  09-24-91  Some text about Apple Virus
ASPIRIN.PBF  N   5309  09-24-91  Make Plastic Explosives from Aspirin
ATM.DOC      N   7825  09-24-91  A.T.M. Fraud Made Easy - Count Zero
ATOMBOMB.DOC N   5850  09-24-91  Article on making the A-Bomb -C.Zero
PLASTCHA.PBF N    641  09-24-91  Chart of some explosives effects
BLEACH.PBF   N   3744  09-24-91  Make Plastic Explosives from Bleach
BOLLOX.LZH   N   4228  09-24-91  Bollox Magazine Issue 1 Part 1
                                 already here.
BTCOSTS.CCF  N   3898  09-24-91  British Telecom charges
CARDSC1.TXT  N   2091  09-24-91  Some text about Carding Stuff
CARDSC2.TXT  N   2949  09-24-91  More text about Carding Stuff
CARSRCH.CCF  N   1098  09-24-91  Another file on carding....
CARSRCH.PBF  N   1141  09-24-91  As above: What to look for in a car
CCN.CCF      N    909  09-24-91  Info about CCN direct mail database
CHEMIST1.DOC N   9459  09-24-91  Chemists Corner #1 - Explosives
CHEMIST2.DOC N   6895  09-24-91  Chemists Corner #2 - Chemicals
COMPDIA1.CCF N   5742  09-24-91  Flashbacks in the computer industry
COMPDIA2.CCF N   2173  09-24-91  Flashbacks in the ... part 2
COMPSONG.CCF N   1857  09-24-91  That F*CKING computer song. . .
COOKBOOK.DOC N  36864  09-24-91  Pool Fun & other cookies
CORDLESS.DOC N   6668  09-24-91  Listen in on Cordless Fone Conv.
CRAYFUT.CCF  N   4421  09-24-91  Text aboyt CRAY & other supercompu's
FLASH.DOC    N  11728  09-24-91  The art of making M-80's and M-100's
FORDSTEA.PBF N   1763  09-24-91  Text about stealing Ford brand cars
                                 -> don't steal mine...
GELATINE.PBF N   2676  09-24-91  Nitro-Gelatin Plastique Explosive
GOVTCOMP.CCF N   3010  09-24-91  Personal Info Govt Databases in UK
                                 .CCF means Corrupt Computing File
                                 .PBF means Palm Beach File
GRENADE.PBF  N   2053  09-24-91  hand-grenade plans Mk.I
HACK3.CCF    N    714  09-24-91  Hack File 3 by Corrupt Computing
IBMWATER.CCF N   1571  09-24-91  Water Link Destroys Bank Mainframes
IDDPHONE.CCF N   1936  09-24-91  How to call Corrupt Computing...
                                 note: the board is dead to H/P/A!
ITALIAN.TXT  N   1061  09-24-91  Italian Plastic Explosives
JAP-PTQ.PBF  N    719  09-24-91  Japanese Plastic Explosives
LIE1.CCF     N   1904  09-24-91  How to get anything bye lieing
MAKEBOMB.DOC N   2325  09-24-91  Simple Explosive Bombs
MAKE_C.PBF   N   1984  09-24-91  Composition C british explosives
MAKE_C2.PBF  N    483  09-24-91  Composition C continued
MAKE_C3.PBF  N    363  09-24-91  Composition C continued
MAKE_C4.PBF  N   1096  09-24-91  Composition C continued
MAKE_RDX.PBF N   4228  09-24-91  Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine (!)
MILTFREQ.PBF N   4483  09-24-91  <not tested>
MOBILE.PBF   N   3510  09-24-91  Mobile Radio Frequency Allocations
NEWLAW.CCF   N   1295  09-24-91  Loophole lets spies eavesdrop
NITRO.PBF    N   6798  09-24-91  Nitroglycerin plastic explosives
POLICE_I.TXT N   3436  09-24-91  Police Interrogation Techniques 1
PROMOTE.CCF  N   1040  09-24-91  Commercial for Corrupt Computing
                                 -forget it this board is DEAD!
PSS_DDIS.CCF N   2023  09-24-91  Current PSS Dialplus Fone Numbers
RADARTIN.CCF N   2651  09-24-91  History of Radio Arthur (???:-)
RADARTSC.CCF N   3977  09-24-91  History of Radio Arthur (???:-)
RADIAT.CCF   N   3996  09-24-91  History of Radio Arthur (???:-)
RAISE.DOC    N   5754  09-24-91  Raising Hell #1 Metal Communications
SEXRECIP.CCF N    755  09-24-91  Reciepe for Banana Bread
SHOP_FUN.DOC N  11680  09-24-91  Misc. fun to check out while shoppin
SLANG.CCF    N   5708  09-24-91  London Slang Lexicon
CUD334.TXT   N  34349  09-28-91  Computer Underground Digest Issue
                                  #3.34 /NSF
CUINTRO.TXT  N  17516  09-28-91  Introduction to the Computer
DENNING.TXT  N  58643  09-28-91  Text on hacking
NARC1.TXT    N   5187  09-28-91  N.A.R.C. Newsletter Issue #1
NARC10.TXT   N   3362  09-28-91  N.A.R.C. Newsletter Issue #10
NARC2.TXT    N   5322  09-28-91  N.A.R.C. Newsletter Issue #2
NARC3.TXT    N   7818  09-28-91  N.A.R.C. Newsletter Issue #3
NARC4.TXT    N   7313  09-28-91  N.A.R.C. Newsletter Issue #4
NARC5.TXT    N   4818  09-28-91  N.A.R.C. Newsletter Issue #5
NARC6.TXT    N   4403  09-28-91  N.A.R.C. Newsletter Issue #6
NARC7.TXT    N   8220  09-28-91  N.A.R.C. Newsletter Issue #7
NARC8.TXT    N   3721  09-28-91  N.A.R.C. Newsletter Issue #8
NARC9.TXT    N   5568  09-28-91  N.A.R.C. Newsletter Issue #9
SYND14.TXT   N  17360  09-28-91  The Syndicate Reports, Issue #14
SYND15A.TXT  N  15543  09-28-91  The Syndicate Reports, Issue #15A
SYND15B.TXT  N  13042  09-28-91  The Syndicate Reports, Issue #15B
SYND16B.TXT  N  15184  09-28-91  The Syndicate Reports, Issue #16B
SYND17.TXT   N  14448  09-28-91  The Syndicate Reports, Issue #17
SYND20A.TXT  N  20071  09-28-91  The Syndicate Reports, Issue #20A
SYND20B.TXT  N  18740  09-28-91  The Syndicate Reports, Issue #20B
                                 Does anyone have Synd 18/19? Please
LOD4.TXT     N 256220  09-28-91  Legion Of Doom Technical Journals #4
BOOTLEG7.TXT N 101173  09-28-91  Bootlegger Issue #7 - Old but good!
LOD3.TXT     N 167879  09-28-91  Legion Of Doom Technical Journals #3
BAUDYWOR.TXT N  87090  09-28-91  Baudy.World - Postmodernistic
of the hacker world

CIVILDIS.TXT N 63071 09-28-91 civil.disobedience - retype of an


PHA2.TXT     N 111125  09-28-91  Phreakers/Hackers/Anarchists Newsl.#2
0001.FBI     N  54977  09-29-91  Freakers Bureau Inc. -Issue 1-
NIA69.TXT    N 353014  10-01-91  Network Information Access Issue #69
NIA70.TXT    N 464389  10-01-91  Network Information Access Issue #70
PHRACK32.TXT N 345654  10-01-91  Phrack Classic Issue #32
HACKTOOL.LZH N 423008  10-03-91  Hacking Tools Collection /\/ETWORK
PHRACK33.LZH N  64676  10-05-91  Phrack Issue No.33
CUD335.TXT   N  42744  10-07-91  Computer Underground Digest Issue
SYND07.TXT   N   9658  10-07-91  The Syndicate Reports, Issue #07
SYND08.TXT   N  11583  10-07-91  The Syndicate Reports, Issue #08
SYND09.TXT   N  12207  10-07-91  The Syndicate Reports, Issue #09
SYND10.TXT   N  11598  10-07-91  The Syndicate Reports, Issue #10
SYND11.TXT   N  10593  10-07-91  The Syndicate Reports, Issue #11
SYND12.TXT   N  11534  10-07-91  The Syndicate Reports, Issue #12
SYND13B.TXT  N  15175  10-07-91  The Syndicate Reports, Issue #13B
SYND13A.TXT  N   8407  10-07-91  The Syndicate Reports, Issue #13A
CYBSPACE.TXT N  21448  10-07-91  Cyberspace: Laws and confusion
FBISYST.TXT  N   5284  10-07-91  Info on FBI's computer systems
EXPLOSIV.TXT N   6107  10-07-91  Explosives in computer systems -Time
TRIBE.TXT    N  48612  10-07-91  Tribe: The constitution in cyberspace
NIA65.TXT    N   8132  10-07-91  Network Access Information Issue #65
NIA64.TXT    N  15487  10-07-91  Network Information Access Issue #64
V1N4.TXT     N  38463  10-10-91  Phantasy Newsletter #4
PHUN2.TXT    N 154760  10-10-91  Phun Newsletter Issue #2
                                 Has anyone got Phun 6+? Or did they
                                 after 5?
DIAL252.LHA  N  10172  10-10-91  Debugged version of Dialer V2.52
BBDREAL.LZH  N  14336  10-13-91  n e w  bluebox program <not tested> -
TAXFREE      N   2888  10-16-91  A BlueBoX specified for 020-Numbers
to USA
V1N1.TXT     N  25513  10-16-91  Phantasy Newsletter Issue #1
V1N2.TXT     N  27488  10-16-91  Phantasy Newsletter Issue #2
V1N3.TXT     N  25752  10-16-91  Phantasy Newsletter Issue #3
HACKV1.0.DMS N 234995  10-20-91  Hack Master V1.0 - PBX hacker
HACKM.DOC    N  10290  10-20-91  Hack Master V1.0 - documentation
CUD337.TXT   N  34523  10-22-91  Computer Underground Digest Issue
EFF12.TXT    N  28510  10-22-91  EFFector Digest Issue #12
ATI56.TXT    N  30520  10-22-91  Activist Times, Inc. issue #56
CUD336.TXT   N  22252  10-22-91  Computer Underground Digest
LOD1.TXT     N 219478  10-22-91  Legion Of Doom Technical Journals #1
CUD338.TXT   N  40024  10-29-91  Computer Underground Digest #3.38
0800.TXT     N  11136  10-29-91  Some 800 scans.
AT&T.LZH     N   3315  10-29-91  AT&T text
BB-TRX.LZH   N  20216  10-29-91  Bluebox text, listing of 0130-
BB-XX.TXT    N   5114  10-29-91  German Bluebox text.
CONF2.ZIP    N  10508  11-02-91  How to set up conferences with BB.
                                 The zip
                                 file is scribbled, so you get only
                                 the first
                                 part. It should be enough, though.
SPINMAG.LZH  N  17473  11-06-91  Story about Phreaker/Hackers from
LOD2.TXT     N 148592  11-06-91  Legion Of Doom/Hackers Technical
                                 Journals 2
CUD339.TXT   N  30386  11-06-91  Computer Underground Digest #3.39 -
information/invitation to the christmas-
party in Denmark, be there!

NASTYJ01.ZIP N 26635 11-08-91 N.A.S.T.Y. Journal Release #1

Not very interesting, some UNIX hacking

NASTYJ02.ZIP N 7284 11-08-91 N.A.S.T.Y. Journal Release #2

Som fight with MOD. Includes all of


stuff on som UNIX machine

NASTYJ03.ZIP N  77937  11-08-91  N.A.S.T.Y. Journal Release #3
ATI57.LZH    N  14565  11-10-91  Activist Times, Inc. Issue 57 - GET
WB5          N  123224 11-11-91  White Box 5.0
CUD341.LZH   N  15476  11-23-91  Computer Underground Digest #3.41
CUD340.LZH   N  17427  11-23-91  Computer Underground Digest #3.40
BB-MFD2.LZH  N  10833  11-24-91  Multi Frequency Dialer V2.52
SU-DAIL.LZH  N  11423  11-24-91  Super Dial V1.01
TPB.LZH      N  13177  11-24-91  The Phraud Box V1.0
KCAMIGA.ZIP  N  28744  11-24-91  Killer Cracker V7.0 UNIX pw hacker
_C_DBBOX.ZIP N  40147  11-24-91  Chronos Bluebox Deluxe V1.0 (basic)
FONE.ZIP     N  37816  11-24-91  History of British Phreaking
HISTORY.ZIP  N   5475  11-24-91  Phreakers Phunhouse fone-guide
INFOTIK.ZIP  N  72394  11-24-91  Informatik Magazine Issue No.1
KP1XXST.ZIP  N   4158  11-24-91  AT&T/BOC Routing Codes
DMSCA95.SFX  N  21212  12-01-91  DMS Checker/Text Adder for SYSOP
BLIEB22.LZH  N   7086  12-01-91  Blieb V2.2 bluebox update
PHRACK35.ZIP N 142566  12-02-91  Issue 35 of Phrack!!!
FREQS.DOC    N   3725  12-06-91  The new CCITT#5 frequencies!
PRD-KH.DMS   N 291025  12-07-91  Killer Cracker V2.0 unix pw hacker
H-FUTURE.TXT N      0  12-08-91  Hack To The Future - article typed
                                 in from Compute Mag. by
H_FUTURE.TXT N   5229  12-08-91  Hack To The Future - article typed
                                 in from Compute Mag. by
CCITT.ZIP    N   1820  12-17-91  Info about the CCITT #5 system and
                                 other dialling systems. 1380+120*n is
                                 C5-R1 is the normal 700+200*n!
AT&TNEWS.TXT N   2830  12-19-91  Warning letter from AT&T to their
                                 customers on how to avoid credit card
                                 abuse... Speak in a soft, clear voice
ALLIANCE.AST N   2944  12-22-91  News about Alliance Teleconferencing
DEFAULT.CAP  N   9186  12-22-91  Routing Codes for AT&T/BOC - you can
                                 bluebox many of these codes!!!
FASTBOX.EXE  N  15784  12-22-91  Easy-To-Use MF Dialer/Bluebox!!!
BLUEBOX      N   2960  12-23-91  A bluebox with editing of timings ->
                                 with save/load prefs.
EFF109.TXT   N  31970  12-23-91  EFFector Online Issue #1.09
EFF110.TXT   N  40788  12-23-91  EFFector Online Issue #1.10
EFF111.TXT   N  22316  12-23-91  EFFector Online Issue #1.11
EFF112.TXT   N  28932  12-23-91  EFFector Online Issue #1.12
EFF201.TXT   N  29055  12-23-91  EFFector Online Issue #2.01
FBI101.TXT   N  54284  12-23-91  Freakers Bureau Inc. issue #1.01
FBI102.TXT   N 111127  12-23-91  Freakers Bureau Inc. issue #1.02
NSA101.TXT   N  35692  12-23-91  National Security Anarchists #1.01
NSA102.TXT   N  33176  12-23-91  National Security Anarchists #1.02
KCAH01.TXT   N  32758  12-23-91  K.C.A.H. Volume 1
KCAH02.TXT   N  17956  12-23-91  K.C.A.H. Volume 2
HACK.LZH     N 218007  12-31-91  The Official Phreakers Handbook
                                 Rather nice collection of philes.
DIALE-26.LZH N  12229  01-01-92  UL DialerV2.60 Not Brand New (dec.91)
                                 But Useful.
SPRINT.LZH   N  21095  01-01-92  Info About Us Sprint's Datanet
HACK#1.LZH   N   2340  01-02-92  Hack Issue #1 (not too new...)
HACK#2.LZH   N   2213  01-02-92  Hack #2 ...not too new either...
HACK#3.LZH   N   2349  01-02-92  Hack Issue #3   ...just like the
above ones.
DIALNUA.TXT  N  20127  01-03-92  List of NUA's for PSS Dialplus UK
                                 (PSS Dialplus UK: ++44-(0)81-6815040)
EUROTEXTI    N  15135  01-04-92  Text by a Possessed guy about BB'ing
                                 some explenation.
PHREAK.TXT   N   2116  01-04-92  A New DialingMethod, supposed to
                                 throug the bb filters...! If anyone
                                 can make
                                 this work (from norway) please leave
                                 a msg
                                 with the settings used!!!!!
                                 ..maybe it only work where there ARE
                                 bbfilters????? ANYONE KNOW????
FBI0002.ZIP  N  49932  01-05-92  FBI Issue #2
CRACKER.LZH  N  10449  01-05-92  Small UNIX PW hacker (beta version)
DIAL.DMS     P 148611  01-05-92  RamJam's Bootblock Bluebox (lame!)
IP_KC20G.LZH N 187007  01-05-92  Killer Cracker V2.0G UNIX PW Hacker
                                 released by Infinite Perfection....
LBT-WB7.LZH  N  56705  01-05-92  White Box V7.0 from Liberty
PHREAKY2.TXT N   1594  01-05-92  AUSTRALIAN bluebox new freqs
NEW_PHR.TXT  N   1958  01-05-92  A NEW WAY OF PHREAKING - read it!!!
MCI_DIAL.EXE N    996  01-09-92  Mci Dialer
WDIAL80.LZH  N  11549  01-19-92  Window Dialer V0.80
WBOX_8.LZH   N  62191  01-26-92  WhiteBox V8.0 - More extended 2.0-
CPI.LZH      N  42875  01-27-92  Corrupt Programmers International,
                                 1 - 2.. Viruses etc. sources for PC..
ULTRA.LZH    N  37683  01-28-92  Ultra magazines, 1-15..
CUD342.TXT   N  40026  01-29-92  Computer Underground Digest #3.42
CUD343.TXT   N  39064  01-29-92  Computer Underground Digest #3.43
CUD344.TXT   N  29162  01-29-92  Computer Underground Digest #3.44
CUD401.TXT   N  26882  01-29-92  Computer Underground Digest #4.01
CUD402.TXT   N  38226  01-29-92  Computer Underground Digest #4.02
EFF203.TXT   N  29999  01-29-92  EFFector Online Issue #2.03
EFF204.TXT   N  40906  01-29-92  EFFector Online Issue #2.04
WORLD9.TXT   N  46050  01-29-92  The Worldview Magazine Issue #9
EFFWASH.TXT  N   5980  01-29-92  Electronic Frontier F. Press Release
PHRACK36.TXT N 187448  01-29-92  PHRACK Issue #36 - 'Diet Phrack'
DIAL31.LHA   N   4956  02-01-92  Dialer 3.1...
WBOX_9.LZH   N  72702  02-02-92  White box v9.0....Now totally V2.0
RASTABOX.LHA N  22211  02-27-92  A new bb proggy
SPEEDIT.TXT  N   3284  02-28-92  How to get up in 2300cps under OS2.0
FREQS.DOC    N   3725  03-03-92  Complete frequenze list of CCITT#5
PHRACK35.LZH P 150229  03-03-92  Phrack Issue #35
NIA73.LZH    P  86072  03-03-92  Network Information Access Newsletter
-DX&LX-      N   6618  03-08-92  Textfile about a lamer hacking
                                 at The Venue (probably Dexter / Cinefex)
FILE LISTING ENDS Most of the executable files will be Amiga files - REQUEST AT YOUR OWN RISK! YOU REQUEST - YOU PAY, whether you can use the file or not.

End of CDUGD Volume 1, Number 2